Russia develops first ATGM capable of shooting down UAVs

KBP Instrument Design Bureau has started developing the world’s first multi-purpose anti-tank guided missile system (ATGM), which can effectively shoot down drones.
There are currently no other anti-tank systems in service anywhere in the world that would be capable of reliably engaging unmanned aerial vehicles, because of their small size, maneuverability and low contrast for targeting in the thermal spectrum. Certain ATGMs can shoot down large and low-speed aerial targets with sufficient heat radiation, such as helicopters.
KBP has started developing new ATGMs. The new design is no longer solely a highly specialized anti-tank weapon, but a multipurpose defensive and assault weapon capable of effectively hitting both traditional targets such as tanks or armoured vehicles, but also a whole range of previously unattainable targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles, without specifying the name of the new weapon system.
The new missile will combine both thermal and optical seeker technology, completely unique for any other ATGM designs. New homing technology with TV-thermal imaging is being created for the new system. The new missile will operate on fire-and-forget principle.

High Precision Weapons holding has also made a parallel announcement that KBP is working to improve the technology of manufacturing warheads for ATGM missiles. In particular, the new missiles will have come with new and improved compositions of explosives.

A photo, released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, of what it says is an Israeli drone launched from Azerbaijan and shot down by Iran in 2014 (Picture source: IRGC).

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