Hungarian army adopts Turkish armoured vehicles

The Hungarian army is to adopt Turkish armoured vehicles. The country’s Ministry of Defence has received the first batch of Ejder Yalçın MRAP 4X4 armoured cars.
The first ten Ejder Yalçıns entered service with the 25th Infantry Brigade of the Hungarian Ground Forces in Tata under the designation ‘Gidran’ in honour of the Hungarian racehorse breed.
The vehicles in the standard Turkish military version with the Aselsan SARP remote-controlled machine-gun modules arrived in Hungary at the end of 2020, a delay in delivery was caused by the installation of German communications equipment on them.
A framework agreement for the supply of Ejder Yalçın with the Turkish company Nurol Makina was signed in 2019. It implies a “firm contract” for 40 armored cars manufactured in Turkey and 280 are planned to be assembled in Hungary.
The Ejder Yalçın weighs from 14 to 18 tons, depending on the modification, with a carrying capacity of about 4 tons. The maximum speed developed (on the highway) is 120 km / h. Engine power – 375 HP The volume of the fuel tanks is enough to cover a distance of up to 700 km.

The declared level of protection is STANAG 4569 Level 4a / 3b (protection against bullets of 14.5 mm calibre, undermining a mine under the floor). Capacity – up to 11 people. It is produced in various modifications, including a communications vehicle, a fire support vehicle, a military police vehicle, ordinary vehicles with an increased level of protection, etc.

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