Passengers of Kaduna/Abuja train services calls on President Buhari to immediately investigate high charges

Passengers of Kaduna/Abuja train services have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately investigate the high charges of train fees when COVID-19 protocol at the sitting arrangements were not followed.

Speaking to Radio Nigeria this Wednesday morning, they also called on the committee on transportation at the National Assembly to invite Minister of Transportation Mr. Rotimi Amechi to explain the exorbitant charges to Nigerians when COVID-19 protocol was not followed.

They lamented that do to COVID-19 pandemic, the protocol is for a passenger to pay for two seats for social distancing which was double price but it’s unfair to pay the same price when Covid 19 protocol was not observed.

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, train fees for economic is N1,500 for 6:40am and 6:00pm while those traveling between 10:45am and 2:20pm pay N1,350.

“Those on business class pay between N5,000 to N6,000 depending on the timing”.

One of the passengers on this Wednesday journey from Kaduna to Abuja challenged one of the officials that it’s unfair to charged the same price of N3,000.

Our correspondent observed that most of the passengers did not wear their facemasks.

Mr. Friday Godwin said train services worldwide is the cheapest form of transportation but in Nigeria the reverse is the case.

They advised the Federal Government to immediately intervene to reduce the hardship to passengers.

Adamu Yusuf

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