Prof. Alafara encourages Nigeria to promote the use of locally refined industrial mineral


A Professor of Analytical/Industrial and Material Chemistry, Baba Abdullahi Alafara has encouraged Nigeria to promote the use of locally refined industrial mineral and materials resources, to save a significant proportion of her hard-earned foreign exchange.

Professor Alafara gave the advice while delivering the one hundred and ninety eight inaugural lecture of the University of Ilorin entiltled “Sustainable National Development: Mineral and Material Resources to the Rescue.

The inaugural lecturer said that the use of refined mineral resources sourced within the country becomes necessary in view of the Covid-19 pandemic which had by no small measure negatively affected the world economy, including Nigeria.

He explained that income earned from the patronage of locally sourced refined mineral and material resources could be used to complement those derived from petroleum exploration and other derivations, to cushion the effect of the economic meltdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Alafara also called on government and other relevanr stakeholders to as a matter of urgency put in place necessary machinery to revive moribund indigenous steel plants in the country to boost the country’s economy and create employment for teaming unemployed youths in the country.

He also called on the Ministry of Mines and Solid Mineral Development and other stakeholders to form alliance with the Hydrometallurgy and Mineral Processing Research Unit of the University of Ilorin and other similar laboratories across the country to promote and fund researches in science and technology, in order to propel economic economic prosperity.

Lawrence Afolabi

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