Lagos – The Inspector – General of Police Usman Baba appeals to Police Officers Not To Commit suicide while discharging their legitimate assignment

He made the disclosure in his speech during a visit to the Lagos Police Command in Lagos.

While Making reference to the destruction of properties and police facilities during and after the #EndSARS protest, Baba ordered on police commanders to reprimand their men on the protection of public and police facilities.

Usman assured the police that their welfare is being taken care of.

He said as an institution we must also be civil in going about our responsibilities ; warning, never should we allow our stations to be overrun to the extent that we will not be able to protect our position because of timorousness.

Adding, that don’t again should your police stations be fleeced by criminals brandishing guns or other forms of crude weapons.

He said ” let me inform you at this juncture that at the moment Government and the good people of Nigeria across boundaries begins to appreciate the courageous work you being doing, so I congratulate you all for such feat .”

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