Niger state government pledges partnership with media to ensure balanced reportage of government programmes


Niger state government has pledged to partner with the media to ensure accurate balanced and objective reportage of government programmes and other happenings in parts of the state.

Secretary to the State Government Ahmed Ibrahim Matane made the pledge while addressing media executives comprising those from government and private organisation held in Minna the state capital.

Ahmed Ibrahim Matane said event of last week abduction of Tegina Islamiyya school pupils by armed gun men where some in the media and social media reported that two hundred Islamiyya school pupils we’re abducted remain a very hard pill to swallow.

According to him there is the need for social media to be moderated to make it more responsive and result oriented in addition to protecting the media landscape from being distorted.

Ahmed Ibrahim Matane also maintained that the partnership with Media would helped to fastrack government response on any happenings to avoid suspicion by way of providing Journalists with post hand information to put the record straight.

He however said that as situation improves Niger state government is looking into the possibility of providing grants to both government owned and private media houses to thrive.

Commissioner for Information and Strategy Mohd Sani Idris in his remarks appreciated the media houses for exibiting high level of professionalism in the dessimination of information for public consumption and called for more to succeed.


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